Wood Fired Pizza

Wood fired Pizza

Here at Host, we pride ourselves on creating the best pizzas in St Ives using only traditional cooking methods and the finest ingredients.

As Italians have done for centuries, we use fior di latte mozzarella on our pizzas. The mild taste, soft texture, and high moisture content make it the perfect ingredient! 

We cook our pizzas at approximately 400°C for around 90 seconds in a Gozney wood-fired oven. This creates the perfect crispy crust and smoky flavour without drying out the dough.

We are located in a beautifully restored Victorian Bank right in the heart of St Ives, and to pay homage to the heritage of the building, we name our pizzas after famous bank robbery movies!

We also welcome our vegan or dairy-intolerant friends and have some great alternative cheeses.

Take Away Pizza

Try the best pizza in town from the comfort of your own home with our Take Away Service.

Give us a call, place your order and come and collect.

You won't find a better pizza in St Ives.

Our pizza dough is made using Italian OO flour.

We cold ferment the dough for around 32 hours which add loads of flavour and is good for the gut! Our chefs hand-stretch the dough to ensure the perfect texture and a puffed crust.

We also have an Italian-sourced gluten-free pizza base for our gluten-conscious patrons (not suitable for celiacs because of cross-contamination risk).

The tomato sauce we use is made from the famous San Marzano tomatoes. These red beauties are grown in a specific region in Italy where the soil and climate create tomatoes with less acidity and a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

They are vine-ripened and canned close to the source to lock in the flavour.

Or you could try one of our unique White Pizzas. We use local Cornish cream instead of the traditional tomato base, a Cornish twist on an Italian classic, for those who want something a little bit different!

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We welcome walk-ins but if you would like to be guaranteed a table, or you are with a large group, please use our OpenTable booking widget to make your reservation.

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